Contest Ideas to win a signed Amaryllis CD!

Hey everyone!

Would you all be interested in a contest to win an Amaryllis CD signed by the band? There are 9 available. I would like to run a contest for a chance for you to win the signed Amaryllis CD!

Ideas for the contest are needed tho. If you like this idea and have suggestions for a contest and would like to submit them.

Please submit your ideas to:

This will be open to all countries! Once ideas are established, if you win, the CD will be sent to you!

I want to do something fun for everyone, so let’s see how many ideas come in and see if we can get this fun idea going!

4 Responses to Contest Ideas to win a signed Amaryllis CD!

  1. Kelly Andrews says:

    Win 2 backstage passes to next your your city of choice! That would be awesome since I have seen them 12 times and they are the best band ever:)

  2. Steve Harthun says:

    Hey some ideas for the Shinedown cd:

    Best live pics from a tour.

    Best video of a tour

    Video explaining why you should win a copy of a cd

    Video air guitaring to a shinedown song

    Video singing a shinedown song

    Proving you are a true Shinedown fan

    Tell how many times you have seen shinedown live and what the best time was and why


  3. Samuel Gunnin says:

    Have the people entering the contest use the piclab app to make the best lyric edits and you guys judge and pick the best 9.

  4. Diane Lockwood says:

    It would be neat to have a universal shinedown tattoo, besides the “S” symbol (which I have) maybe something designed by one of the band members or somehting

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