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Brent Smith’s Birthday is January 10th! Send in a happy birthday message and it will be added to the happy birthday video being created for him by the fans!

Send your messages to

Be creative and have fun with it! Be sure to put your name on what you send in, so he will know it’s from you! Also, a shorter message would be best so he actually has time to read it as it gets displayed on the video!

Please send it in a .jpg format or something similar (.bmp, .png etc). (Please e-mail if you are having issues with the format and will be happy to assist getting it in the right format).

Deadline for entries is January 9th at 11:00 AM EST.

Once again, send it to and don’t forget to add your name to your message!

Have a great day and looking forward to seeing all the happy birthday messages and getting this video together for him!






156 Responses to Send Brent Smith a Happy Birthday Message!

  1. Katina White says:

    Happy Birthday Brent…thanks for all u do…enjoy ur day!!!!

  2. Carole H. says:

    Happy birthday Brent! Thank you for the amazing music! I have been a fan since 2004. I hope your day is amazing!

  3. […] @shinedownsnation: "Brent Smith's Birthday is January 10th! Send in a happy birthday message and it will be added to the happy birthday video being created for him by the fans! Send your birthday messages to Please see all information at" […]

  4. Diane Burke says:

    Happy Birthday Brent Smith, have a wonderful Birthday…

  5. Laura says:

    Happy Birthday Sexy……… Hope you have an awesome birthday

  6. says:

    Happy birthday brent I love you ur birth is definitely something to celebrate

  7. Tim Sterling says:

    Happy Birthday Brent! I hope you have a greatly blessed day. Keep Shining on man

  8. Renee Pulliam says:

    Happy Birthday to you…hot sexy thing…so many of your songs my friends & I are able to relate to.

  9. sahara Tice says:

    Omg!! Happy Birthday Mr.Smith.
    Thank you for all you have done with the music and journey you have taken through out the years..
    your music has helped me in so many ways.
    keep Rocking on, and keep making Sweet Music!
    Happy Birthday!!

  10. Lynette says:

    Wishing you a very Happy Birthday! You are a kind, considerate and amazing guy! Hoping your special day is as amazing as you!

    • Tracy Black says:

      A very happy birthday to you! Your a very talented individual looking forward to many more! Happy birthday again!

    • sheila says:

      Happy birthday to the GREATEST vocalist we all know. Thank you for EVERYTHING that you do. Have an awesome birthday!!!

    • Debra bailey says:

      Happy birthday Brent Smith seen you at louder than life last year. You were amazing. Have a great day!

  11. Carrie McBratnie says:

    Happy birthday Brent! Thank you and the boys of Shinedown for the music you create and share with all your fans. You guys are in a league of you own. Much love and rock on ???

  12. Lisa K says:


  13. Barbara Robinson says:

    Happy Birthday Brent!

  14. summer says:

    Happy birthday Brent. I hope you have a great one. Shinedown is so awesome.

  15. Dina F says:

    A very happy birthday to you Brent…. Your music is amazing….keep it up:)

  16. Helen says:

    Happy Birthday Brent hope you have a really awesome day, your an inspiration to us all 🙂 x

  17. Lisa K says:


  18. Sandy says:

    Hope you have a perfect Birthday. Enjoy

  19. Pat Beldo says:

    From the state of my head Happy Birthday Brent. My Grandaughter is a real fan or yours and I have yet to be lucky enough to get to hear you and your band live. Hopefully, in March in Fargo, ND.

  20. Aaron Leighton says:

    Happy birthday to the greatest rock singer of our generation love you and thanks for everything

  21. Theresa DAlessandro says:

    Wishing you the HAPPIEST of Birthdays Brent !!!! It was such a pleasure meeting you in Sacramento. Thanks for the awesome hug. Keep doing what you’re doing. You are loved and appreciated. xoxoxoxoxo Hope your enjoy your special day.

  22. Rena Retama says:

    Brent, you are truly amazing and inspiring.. I Love You! Happy Birthday.. Love Rena

  23. Chris holbert says:

    Happy Birthday Brent!!

  24. Emmy says:

    Happy birthday! May your day be filled with love and happiness! Your voice gives us fans hope that everything is going to be OK. Your an amazing person!

  25. Dustin says:

    Happy Birthday man!!! U are AWESOME!!!!

  26. Jennifer Hammock says:

    Happy Birthday! I hope your day is as wonderful as you are.

  27. Debbie Smith says:

    Happy birthday Brent! Can’t wait to see you in Fargo in March!!

  28. Dawn Brazell says:

    I’ll say Happy birthday to you…happy birthday to you…happy birthday to Brent…happy birthday to you….cha…cha…cha…(my kids added the last).

  29. Laura Castor says:

    Happy Birthday to the man who has the most amazing voice I’ve ever heard!!!

  30. Happy Birthday!!!!<333 Hope it's a good one

  31. Teresa Snead says:

    Happy Birthday Brent! Hope you enjoy your special day!

  32. Tiffany says:

    Wishing you a very happy birthday!! Hope your day is as amazing as you are.

  33. Erelene Collins says:

    Happy Birthday Brent! U R AMAZING!

  34. Brooke Adams says:

    Happy birthday! I hope you have an amazing day!

  35. Heather McNew says:

    Happy Birthday too you Brent!!! You are so amazing, hope you have a wonderful day. God Bless You!!!

  36. Sue Kelley says:

    Happy Birthday Brent!! Thank you for being so vast and brilliant your words and message are a big part of my life!!!

  37. Melanie Kennedy says:

    Wishing you a Happy birthday, hope you have an awesome day, I would love just to thank you for everything you give back to us, have a great day!! Love Melanie

  38. Donna Good says:

    Happy Birthday!!! Rock On and enjoy the life you have been given.

  39. Helen says:

    Wishing the best Birthday ! May God Bless and Keep you safe all ways

  40. Barb says:

    Happy Birthday Brent – may this your Rock just a little bit more than last and you enjoy! And Thank you for the memories and song.

  41. Jason Stauty says:

    Happy birthday brother my birthday is January 19th so pretty close to mine hope to see u guys again soon saw u in Albany and you guys rocked so hard I thought the ceiling was gonna fall down! Have a good day -Jason

  42. Wendy Toth says:

    I had the honor of seeing you in Cherokee, NC @ Harrah’s for the Threat to Survival tour. This was my first experience seeing SD live…and I can honestly say that you are one of the most humble artists I’ve ever seen. I am in the Industry myself – PR for a band – and this is a dog eat dog industry that you have survived well. I want wish you the best, I hope you have an amazing birthday with your friends and family!

  43. Denise Moe says:

    Happy Birthday Brent!!

  44. Sheila says:

    Happy birthday to the greatest vocalist we know. Thank you for EVERYTHING you do! Have an awesome birthday!

  45. Carrie says:

    Happy Birthday to the best rock vocalist ever!!!

  46. Drea says:

    Happy birthday Brent!!!

  47. Thomas Battison says:


  48. Carla says:

    Happy Birthday, Brent!!

  49. Heather says:

    Hope you have an amazing birthday Brent! Horns up for many many more! Keep singin doll!! \,,/

  50. SandIe Hayse says:

    Hi Brent, Wishing you all the best on your Birthday. Hope you have an awesome day. You are my favorite artist and I love all you do. Hope to see you soon. Happy Birthday.

  51. Happy Birthday! Hope you have a Rockin’ Day! Peace, Love, and Happiness to you always!

  52. Mark says:

    First saw Shinedown two years ago in Oklahoma City. Knew nothing of the band or it’s music. The show and presentation blew me away. I walked away a Shinedown fan for life. I am motivated and uplifted by your music and lyrics, you all are a voice in the wilderness. Have blessed and best birthday Mr. Smith! Enjoy to the fullest.

  53. Kelly says:

    Happy Birthday! Your voice and music has gotten me through some difficult times. Thank you for that.
    Have a special day.

  54. Amanda Guido says:

    Happy Birthday Brent! Hope you have an amazing day! Hope its as special as you are ❤ can’t wait to see you again! XoXo

    • Cheryl McPherson says:

      Happy Birthday Brent! You are such an amazing singer and songwriter! Hope you are celebrating and enjoying your special day!

  55. Laurie Smith says:

    I hope you have a wonderful day . Happy Birthday Brent. Thank you for all you do.???❤️????

  56. Happy Birthday Brent! I hope you have a great day 🙂

  57. Cheyenne Deweese says:

    happy birthday! i hope it’s a good one! 🙂

  58. Leita says:

    hope you have a fantastic & blessed birthday!!! Bless those pipes of yours!! <3

  59. Rochelle says:

    Happy Birthday Brent! Wishing you all the peace, joy, and happiness the day may bring. As I find myself at a loss for words, for one of the most talented and raw artists, I leave you an Irish Birthday blessing!
    May you live a long life
    Full of gladness and health
    With a pocket full of gold
    As the least of your wealth
    May the dreams you hold dearest
    Be those which come true
    May the kindness you spread,
    Be returning to you!

  60. Stacey Westbrook says:

    Happy Birthday Brent, I hope U have a great & special day! I’ve been to a Shinedown concert in my hometown of Grand Rapids, Michigan… during Rock The Rapids a few years ago, loved the show! Thanks for the great music 🙂

  61. Maxine Gosnell says:

    Happy Birthday Brent!!!
    Hope you have a great day!! You are an
    awesome human being and you deserve
    the best!!
    Maxine from Greenville, SC

  62. Happy Birthday Brent!!
    Hope you have an awesome day!! You deserve
    the best day ever!! You are an awesome
    human being!!!!
    Maxine from Greenville, SC

  63. Teresa Bennett says:

    Happy birthday Brent. Thank you for sharing the music and my birthday with me.

  64. Kerry Southers says:

    Happy Birthday to the the singer with the most beautiful voice.

  65. Sarah Neese says:

    Happy Birthday to the man whose voice and lyrics have helped me these past 17 months get me through the loss of3 brothers from cancer and getting me through my own diagnosis last year and beating it! You are amazing and an inspiration! Thank you so much!

  66. Sarah says:

    Happy Birthday to the man whose voice and lyrics have gotten me through this past year after losing 3 brothers to cancer and beating cancer myself! Thank you for saving me and not giving up and calling it quits!

  67. Dawn Christensen says:

    Happy birthday Mr. Brent..thank you and the group for ALL you are truly GREAT people and songwriters..thank you for getting me through just about you all..keep on doin’ what you do!!

  68. Anna says:

    Tanti auguri. Buon compleanno ??

  69. Mary Helen Buchele says:

    Happy Birthday to one of the best vocalists,sexist and the most sweetest rock star Brent Smith I hope you have a great day and I hope I get to meet you again in March at Reno you’re the best!!!

  70. JOY REYNOLDS says:

    Hey Brent!! Happy Birthday!! Its,My birthday too!! I love you and the guys so much! Your voice is beautiful and so is your message!! Shinedown saved my life! Long life Shinedown and God Bless

  71. Stephanie Quintavalle says:

    Happy birthday Brent! Thanks for your songs and they meaning they bring to all of us! Hope you have an awesome birthday!!!

  72. cherry boerke says:

    Happy Birthday Brent, thank you to you, Zack, Berry, and Eric for the amazing music that you have made for everyone to listen, like and love. I know its helped me threw so much. Hope you have the best Birthday a person can have.

  73. Joseph Mullinix says:

    Happy Birthday, Brent! Love the music! Keep making the fantastic music all of you. Shinedown fan for life.

  74. Ashley & Kenny Garrett says:

    Happy birthday Brent your music affects me and my wife’s life daily I have Shinedown forever on my arm one of my favorite tattoos yet , your band has kept me sane when I had nothing else in the world to hold on to, me and wife’s wedding song was I’ll Follow You ….thank you for all the amazing performances in Tennessee , I’ve saw you numerous times and finally took my wife to a show last November ,she’s been in love ever since , hope this yr is amazing ….truly, Kenny & Ashley Garrett

  75. Happy birthday to u from Angi&Marleen,Germany xoxo

  76. Jana Myers says:

    Brent hope your birthday is as happy as you have made all of us feel every single day as we celebrate your beautiful voice and soul so that we are also happy!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO BEST VOCALIST AND TRUE ARTIST AND MAN EVER IN ROCK N ROLL – BRENT SMITH!!♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡

  77. Amy says:

    Happy Birthday Brent!

  78. shaz says:

    Happy birthday! Can’t wait to see you 30th jan in Liverpool~ amazingly talented sexy beautiful man! You rock! An awesome amazing voice and amazing man! ♡ xXx

  79. Carolanne toothman says:

    Happy birthday my man you rock!!

  80. Tiffany Coburn says:

    Happy Birthday, Brent! XO – Tiffany Coburn

  81. Melissa Mendez says:

    Happy Birthday Brent! Thankyou for being you and so open to your fans. Much love from NJ.

  82. John wagley says:

    Happy birthday Brent. Have a wonderful day. Can’t wait to see u guys in concert someday.

  83. Tina Hawkins says:

    Happy Happy Birthday to you! You are such an inspiration to many! I hope your day is filled with love! Love ya, Tina

  84. Sandra says:

    Happy Birthday Brent! I hope you have a fantastic birthday! You are no doubt an amazing musician, singer and song writer. Your music has inspired and up lifted me over the years you are truly an amazing person. Keep the awesome music coming and I will continue to be there listening. Lots of love to you and the band. Love all you guys. Take care and keep rockin 🙂

  85. Teddi Croft says:

    Hugs & a very Happy Birthday to the # 1 Front Man! Wishing you Peace, Love, Health & Happiness.

  86. Mike Thrush says:

    Happy Birthday Brent, you and all the guys are truly amazing artists, have fun with my buddies Black Stone Cherry on the Carnival of Madness tour..

  87. Carolyn Miller says:

    Happy birthday Brent

  88. Carolyn Miller says:

    Happy birthday Brent love your music

  89. Joseph says:

    Happy birthday Brent! I wish your day was great and just wanted to let you know your music has helped me stay on the right path….thank you for all you guys have done for me.

  90. Pam bowen says:

    Happy Birthday Brent! I wish you a happy safe successful day. Please be safe too ??

  91. […] @shinedownsnation: "Hey Everyone! We've had a great turnout for the 1st day! But, let's get many more happy birthday messages for Brent Smith! Remember, the deadline for the entries are January 9th at 11:00 AM EST! As Brent's Birthday is January 10th! As a reminder … your message will only be added to the video if it's sent to the e-mail address listed on the website! Please see information here!; […]

  92. Jean Hurst says:

    Happy Birthday Brent. You and the band are so awesome. I just love all your music. Keep on Rockin.

  93. april from vinton iowa says:

    I LOVE YOU BRENT!!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!!!!!! YOU ARE MY HERO!!!! Hope you enjoy your day!!!!!!!! love you to pieces!!!!

  94. Jelena says:

    Happy Mr. Smith <3

  95. cindy splawn says:

    Happy Birthday Brent…Hope you have a Awesome one …Love my Shinedown…KEEP ON ROCKING!!!!!

  96. Happy Birthday Brent!!! You are amazing! 😉 Hope your day is as awesome as you are!Love what you do! Xoxox

  97. Karen Back says:

    Happy Birthday Brent. You’ve been making me smile since way back when you played the Chili cook-off in Richmond. Hope to keep smiling for years to come!!!

  98. Happy Birthday!!! You always make my day when I hear your voice! Be safe and have a good one!;) xoxox

  99. Vanessa Derfuss says:

    Happy birthday Brent! Thank you so much for the music, love and help with everything. Shinedown’s music has saved me so many times, you’re truly an inspirational and talented man I hope to meet one day. Hope you have an amazing birthday! Rock on!

  100. Vanessa Derfuss says:

    Happy birthday Brent! Thank you for the love, support and amazing and life saving music, I honestly wouldn’t have made it this far without you and the rest of Shinedown. I love you guys! You’re an inspirational person and very talented. I hope to meet you one day and I hope you have a great birthday! Rock on!
    Much love and support, Vanessa

  101. Happy birthday Brent thank you for everything and for saving my life have a great birthday.

  102. Christina Lee says:

    Happy Birthday Brent!!! I hope your birthday is as amazing and fulfilling as your music is!! Hope to see you again soon!!

  103. Brittany Little says:

    Happy Birthday!! have a great birthday and making awesome music!

  104. Brittany Little says:

    Happy Birthday!! have a great birthday and making awesome music! I hope to see you in concert soon.

  105. Teresa Bennett says:

    Happy birthday Brent.

  106. Amanda Oeler Burkholder says:

    Dearest Brent!! Happy birthday my dear. I hope your birthday is amazing as you are!! Thank you for all you’ve done over the years!! See you before long!

    Love ya,
    Amanda aka manders

  107. Christine bednarek says:


  108. Brent, wishing you a Very Happy Birthday, with many more 2 come !! You are by far my absolute favorite singer, your voice is beautiful & amazing !! I pray 1 day that I will be lucky enough 2 get 2 meet you in person & tell “what a wonderful, caring, giving man you are !!”
    Again, HAPPY BIRTHDAY with love always !!

  109. Mitchell Steen says:

    Happy Birthday Brent.

  110. Morgan Morris says:

    Happy Birthday Brent! Make it the best one yet!

  111. Erum says:

    Happy birthday sir Brent. May happiness pursue you wherever life takes you. Your talent is beyond me and I hope you never stop doing what you do.

  112. Tabitha Rab says:

    Happy Birthday Brent! I hope your birthday is awesome. Have an amazing birthday!

  113. Dawn Monetti says:

    Happy Birthday to you, Mr. Brent Smith! Take this special day to celebrate you and the ones you love! Thank you and the boys for sharing your words and music! Please keep it coming.
    And a million blessings I wish for you for stopping to help my husband in Sayreville, and opening up my eyes wider to what is really important in life and to me.
    Forever grateful, forever a fan!

  114. Hollie says:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY MR. BRENT SMITH!! I wish i could tell you how much you, your music and your words have meant to me… But there would be far too much for me to tell you! Thank you for everything you never knew you did for me, and thank you so much for being there when I needed you most! I love you so much! 🙂

  115. Tigger Berdine says:

    Happy Birthday, Brent!! May this year of your life be everything you could wish for and more.

  116. Kim Rudluff says:

    Happy Birthday Brent. Hope your day is full of love & laughter, & all your wishes come true. Love you, miss you and cant wait to see you again. From Kim.

  117. Kayla LeMaster says:


  118. Christine says:

    Happy birthday Brent hope you and all your family enjoy your special day. Not long to wait now to see you in Glasgow, Scotland- cannot wait

  119. Miriah B says:

    Happy Birthday Brent Smith.. Hope you have a wonderful day.. You are one of my favorite vocalist.. You are an inspiration and your songwriting is mind-blowing.. I’m a huge fan since the beginning.. Can’t wait to see you guys in Modesto, CA on March 8th.. You guys rock

  120. Kris huffer says:

    Happy Birthday Brent. You are the most gifted singer in this planet and you have been a true inspiration to me and I know millions of others. Keep inspiring and keep letting that beautiful gift of a voice continue to be heard. I hope this year is even more fulfilling and exciting then the last. I can’t wait to Shinedown again.

  121. Kris huffer says:

    Happy Birthday Brent. Thank you for being a true inspiration to me and millions of others. You are truly gifted and have the most amazing voice I have ever heard. Enjoy your day. Thank you for allbthat you and Shinedown do. Keep doin What your doin. May this year exceed anything you have ever dreamed possible. Kris from Virginia.

  122. Robin says:

    Happy birthday to you young man. Have a most wonderful day. From Michigan.

  123. Mari Rockett Beane says:

    In “Times Like These” “If You Only Knew” that “All I Ever Wanted” was to tell you to have a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY! So, “Fly From the Inside” and “Devour” the day! “I Dare You!” Oh, and “Call Me” “Some Day”!!! Love, The Apple Maker

  124. Chris Bolton says:

    Happy Birthday Brent. Today marks the day you entered this world with love and compassion only to harness it and generate Shinedown thus constantly showering all of us your fan’s with so much faith, dedication, compassion, and love. We truly thank you and adore you while wishing you a fabulous birthday my brother.

  125. Sharon Markham says:

    Today is a celebration of who you are. What an awesome role model you have become. I confess, I was drawn to your music before Cut the Cord. After hearing about your journey, seeing the kindness you’ve shown others via FB…my respect for you has soared. Thank you for being someone my children can look up to. Happy Birthday!

  126. Patti Carbonaro says:

    Hope you have the Happiest Birthday ever! I cannot tell you how much you mean to us. I took my 17 yr old daughter to your concert in St Pete last yr – her second concert ever- and she loved it. She thinks all the Shinedown boys are the nicest people ever. We love,love love your music. How many times I would sing along “I have a candle and I have a spoon” and how long did it take me to realize OMG my other daughter is on drugs. Already have the 98’rockfeast tickets for her 18th birthday…by the way there are not too many things we have in common with me being 63. Hope your birthday brings you as much happiness as you bring us. Love you all

  127. Sue Kelley says:

    Happy Birthday Brent!! Thank you for being vast and brilliant your words and messages are a big part of my life. Wishing you a day full of love and laughter!!!

  128. Lori Mallory says:

    Happy birthday ? You’re awesome ?

  129. Melanee Sands-Brosh says:

    It’s our once a year turn to sing to you…..HAPPY BIRTHDAY BRENT!!!

  130. Hope you have the Happiest Birthday ever and enjoy it what ever you may do to celebrate it. Your voice and the band have touched so many lives, mine included. Be happy, be well and be blessed.

    So may it be, with lots of love *:x lovestruck *:-* kiss *>:D< big hug

    Michelle D. Law

  131. […] @shinedownsnation: "We have several hundred messages already! Thank you to all who have submitted! But, there is only 2 more hours left to get your happy birthday messages in for Brent Smith's birthday video! His birthday is tomorrow! Please ensure you add your name, if you want that included! Send them to Please see all information here:; […]

  132. Nancy Crawford says:

    Happy Birthday Brent! Enjoy your day!! Love you & the band! Your music is totally awesome…love y’all! Have a blessed day, my friend~ <3

  133. Mary says:

    Happy Birthday to you happy birthday to you -to the best damn singer of the best band ever knew!! I know that you’ll have a wonderful day with all of the company that you have with you and on that wonderful tour. You have touched my heart one way or another on every song since the day you guys played in Waco Texas over 10 years ago thank you so much for all your work and allowing me to be apart of it with your music!!♡☆♡

  134. Jean Hurst says:

    Happy Birthday Brent. Have a wonderful day and Rock On. I know Shinedown was in St. Louis, MO in July but couldn’t go at that time due to Health Issues. Are you and the guys coming back here soon. Love Love Shinedown. Xoxo

  135. Shannon Jackson says:

    Happy Birthday Brent 🙂 keep doing what your doing buddy 🙂 stay awesome XD xxxxxxx

  136. Anna Vermolen says:

    Happy Birthday! I just wanted to let you know you’re a true inspiration and you’ve helped many people by doing what you do and your fans love you, please keep being the amazing person you are

    Anna Vermolen ^^

  137. Happy Birthday Brent, hope its the best one yet! You are soooo incredibly talented and bring so much joy to me, and my family. Thank you for all you do. Thankfully we were fortunate enough to see you in Huntington WV a couple months ago, best concert I’ve ever attended.

  138. Hi Mr Smith, My name is Ariel Parham from Greer, SC, I’m 9 years old.
    I love Shinedown a lot! I listen to you with my Nana.
    I think you are a very nice man and you sing really good! I want to come to
    one of your shows with my Nana & my Uncle Jon
    but my Mommy won’t let me yet. My Nana told me you have a little boy almost
    my same age and his birthday is on my Mommy’s
    birthday! I bet he is cute! Well my Nana told me it is your birthday and I wanted
    LOVE ARIEL ❤️??????

  139. Natasha says:

    Happy birthday to you. Its my birthday too.An were super awesome happy birthday to you.

  140. Amanda says:

    Happy Birthday Brent,I hope you have the best ever…your music has saved me multiple times through the years,so I would love to hear that you had the most amazing day,it’s a well deserved and earned day! Love ya!
    Fan forever and always,

  141. Connie Carlin says:

    Happy Birthday Brent Smith !!! I hope you have the best one of all, you deserve it !! You just keep getting better and better and the the songs keep getting greater and greater !! Enjoy your day and may your year get more fantastic by the day 🙂 God Bless and keep on Shining <3

  142. Hannah Tucker says:

    Happy birthday Brent Smith!!! I hope you have many more love you!!!

  143. Ayla Reed says:

    Happy birthday Brent! Thank you for all that you do for the most amazing band, you and the guys are the best!! 🙂

  144. Happy birthday, that you have all the brightest things in your live, that you continue beein’ happy. I love you, and all your Brazilian fans loves u, I hope that your day shine, sing a lot today for yourself, you deserve all the greatest things that it’s happening to you, all the successful and all the affection that your friends, family, colleagues, fans are giving to you.
    With love, a oldest fan.

  145. Dave Short says:

    Happy birthday! Saw you guys at LTL in October. Class act sending shout outs to Lynyrd Skynyrd! Hope you have a blessed day.

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