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Happy 40th Birthday to Barry Kerch! A video from the fans!

Send Barry Kerch a Happy Birthday Message!

Send Barry Kerch a Happy Birthday Message!

Barry Kerch’s 40th Birthday is August 7th! Send in a happy birthday message and it will be added to the happy birthday video being created for him by the fans!

Send your messages to Admin@ShinedownsNation.com

Be creative and have fun with it! Be sure to put your name on what you send in, so he will know it’s from you! Also, a shorter message would be best so he actually has time to read it as it gets displayed on the video!

Please send it in a .jpg format or something similar (.bmp, .png etc). (Please e-mail if you are having issues with the format and will be happy to assist getting it in the right format).

Deadline for entries is August 6th at 8:00 PM EST.

Once again, send it to Admin@ShinedownsNation.com and don’t forget to add your name to your message!

Have a great day and looking forward to seeing all the happy birthday messages and getting this video together for him!


​The WWE Raw new theme song “Enemies” by Shinedown

An interview with Barry Kerch at Download Festival in Paris by United Rock Nations Radio


An interview with Zach Myers by Face Culture Part 1 and Part 2

Part 1


Part 2

An interview with Barry Kerch and Eric Bass at Rock USA by 94.7 The Razor

Listen to the interview here:



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